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4/21/11 – Kefrith Is Not Dead!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

…even though you might have suspected as much based on my absence from KMF. I’m sorry! You know what? I’m going to make it up to you!

First of all, as I just announced on the KMF Facebook Page and my personal Twitter account, there is now a 6th Password available on the Facebook Page. The only catch? You have to “Like” the page before you can receive the Password. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you? Besides, why wouldn’t you want to show your support for my efforts? …ESPECIALLY because I am finally working on the secret project that these passwords have been leading up to! It still has a ways to go before it is complete, but if I hear enthusiasm for it, I might consider releasing it in pieces instead of all at once. So c’mon, get excited!

In other news, the KMF Forums, as predicted by several and as feared by myself, have become little more than a breeding ground for spambots. On those grounds, I have removed them from the main site’s navigation. However, just in case anyone, for any reason, decides that they would like to volunteer to clean them up and make use of them, I am leaving the forums themselves online. If anyone does offer to take on this challenge, I will gladly give you administrator-level privileges on the forums to allow you to do so.

Finally, in relation to both of these news items, the Password which is located on the forums will be made available elsewhere.

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

8/10/20 – Mysterium 2010 Photos!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

!Shorah (Yes, that is what transcribed D’ni punctuation looks like. I learned some things on this trip! I also learned how to pronounce “Dukhat,” but that’s another story…)

Anyway, I’m home and I’ve got photos from Mysterium 2010! Check them out on Facebook! (click here) Be sure to leave comments! If you have a Facebook account (click here to sign up), you can comment directly on the photos. If not, please leave comments here in the blog!

That’s it for now, but look for Mysterium Videos in the next few days, as well as another new Interactivity!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

7/29/10 – Off I Go To Mysterium!!

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

You heard right, folks: Tomorrow I leave for my first ever Mysterium!

Watch the official convention website & blog for upcoming details on how to watch the convention via webcam!

Also, I plan on tweeting from the convention, so watch my Twitter feed, too!

Finally, Be ready for photos and videos from the convention when I get home! They will most likely be available both on the KMF site and on Facebook!

Hope to see you at the convention!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

7/25/10 – Passwords and Fun Facts and Games, Oh My!

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Shorah once again, everybody!

As promised, I have several new features for you all to enjoy!

First of all, strange, Myst-related passwords are popping up around the site! I don’t know what they’re for, but see if you can find them! They seem to be hidden within other features of the site, and some are harder to find than others!

The second new feature is small but pretty neat: KMF Fun Facts on the homepage! Take a look! A new random fact is generated each time you visit!

And now, the final, and perhaps best, new feature of all: D’ni Concentration! Check out this new game on the Interactivities Page! Be sure to play more than once, too, because there is a meaning behind the tiles!

A BIG THANK YOU to my brother, Enderforce, for helping program these new features! Couldn’t have done it without ya!

As always, feel free to let me know what you all think of this stuff by leaving a comment here or on the Facebook Page!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

7/4/10 – Do you “Like” Kefrith’s Myst Fansite?

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Shorah once again, folks! Wow, this has been a busy week on Kefrith’s Myst Fansite!

Anyway, if you didn’t guess it from the title of this post, this update is about Facebook. What’s new? You can now “Like” the site on Facebook without leaving the main site! Just look for buttons like this below the side navigation and at the bottom of each page:


Give it a try!

You can also share the site with others using these menus located below the Facebook buttons:


Spread the word, my friends!

One other semi-random fact: On July 3rd, KMF had it’s first Mexican visitor! ¡Bienvenida, quienquiera que seas!

Happy Independence Day to my fellow American visitors!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

7/2/10 – Remember This?

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Shorah, all!

As you may recall, I posted a survey almost a year ago to get feedback on the site. The survey is still active (and newly updated!) so if you’ve never filled it out, please do so! Don’t worry, it’s short! 🙂 If you have filled it out previously but have new feedback to give, I’d prefer that you leave those comments here in the blog. Thanks! For your convenience, here is the link again:

What do YOU want to see on Kefrith’s Myst Fansite?
The survey password is “Edanna” (without quotes).

While I’m on this subject, I’d like to respond to a  couple of comments which were left a while ago on the survey. First of all, it was suggested that Kefrith’s Myst Fansite feature a live chatroom, “because idea sharing and a … chat would be great to have with other Myst fans.” Although more recent visitors may not remember, the site originally did include a chatroom, but it was removed because someone was using it to impersonate me. Click here to view my first post, which addressed this issue. If a feature of the site is abused, it will be removed. However, I have faith in all of you Myst and Uru fans that this will not be an issue in other areas.
The other comment to which I wish to respond at this time was one requesting more content in the Fanfiction section of the site. While my story “Myst: The Book of Jilla” is pretty much on hold until further notice, I will try to satisfy this request with more poetry.

One last (unrelated) note: I am looking into putting small shortcuts on the site to make it easy to share the site with others, such as on Facebook and Twitter. Look for these very soon! (EDIT: These gadgets can now be found at the bottom of each page and below the main navigation!)

I think that’s all for now! Keep in touch!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

6/29/10 – Updates at Last!

Monday, June 28th, 2010

After a long delay due to technical difficulties (see recent Facebook posts for details), updates are finally here! Check it out:

It’s been a long time coming, so please enjoy it!

In other news, my brother and I are both registered for this year’s Mysterium convention! I have even submitted an entry to the Convention Book! We hope to see you there!

One last thing: As you’ve hopefully noticed, the Links page has a section for affiliates, but it currently only includes one website. If you would like your own Myst Fansite to be added to the list, all you have to do is list Kefrith’s Myst Fansite as an affiliate of yours and I will do the same for you!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

4/1/10 – Welcome To Facebook!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Shorah, all!

On this fine evening, I’ve just discovered that Facebook has unblocked the word “Fansite” for Page names. Guess what that means? Kefrith’s Myst Fansite now has a presence on Facebook! Check it out now:

Kefrith’s Myst Fansite on Facebook

Please let me know in a comment here, on the Facebook page, or by E-mail, how you think the Facebook Page can be best used!

Also, take note: More FanArt and Links coming soon!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn