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Myst Links and Affiliates

(Note: Where applicable, the Ytrams (Frogs) will tell you what Kefrith's user ID is for each site)


Locusani... Lost Souls...   A Myst Fansite created by a very good friend of Kefrith's. Contains everything you could ever want to know about Narayan and Saavedro.

Official Sites

Cyan Worlds   Offical Site of the creators!

Myst Online   Offical Site of Myst Online: Uru Live Again!

Guild Sites

Gulid of Archivists
Gulid of Cartographers
Gulid of Caterers
Guild of ComedyGONE!
Guild of Greeters
Guild of Healers
Guild of Maintainers
Gulid of Messengers
Guild of Peasants
Guild of Sleepers
Guild of Writers


D'ni Explorers Association (Japanese(?))
Myst & URU Obsession Forums
Myst Aventure (French)
Myst Online: URU Live Forums
Ubisoft Official Forums
Uru RealLife Community

Myst and URU Resources and Sites of Interest

Beneath   "Journey of an Explorer in D'ni"

Choru pictures by Enigmanaut   Fantastic Beta images of Uru!

D'ni Ages: Encyclopedia   A list of known Ages, with some links to further information.GONE!

D'ni Linguistic Fellowship - Resources   Check out this site for all your Myst-related font needs!GONE!

A Dictionary of the Language of Díni   Exactly what is says, and extrememely useful!

A directory of Myst-related Fonts on MediaFire   Need I say more?

Flickr: The Myst Pool   An extensive collection of Myst-like photos from the real world!

LittleBigPlanet (Official Site)   Not directly related to Myst, but if you own the game, there is at least one really neat Myst-enspired fan-made level!

"Matthew's 'concise' summary of the Myst series, for Uru newbies"   "...A concise summary of the Myst canon"

Myst: The Motion Picture   The regularly-updated site of the future Myst movie!GONE!

Myst & Riven Illustrated   Lots of goodies from the first two games "for your eyes' pleasure".

MYSTAges   A new Myst Wiki!

Myst Book: My Myst Book Project   Virtual journals of an explorer's journey through Myst and Riven. (Riven journal is incomplete)

Myst Blogs   A collection of blogs by Myst fans around the world!

Mysterium: The Myst Fansite   A nice source for screenshots, game trailers, "Making Of" videos, and more, but hasn't been updated since 2005.

Mysterium.net   The official website of the annual Mysterium convention.

MYSTlore   An excellent Myst wiki!GONE!

Mystolgia   A fansite with game information and overviews.

"Myst Page"   Rendered images and video clips from the early, never finished incarnation of Myst IV: Revelation!

"On Uru and Choru" (A discussion on the Myst & URU Obsession Forums)   Contains links to one-of-a-kind images of the earliest pre-Uru tests! However, you will need the Wayback Machine to view the links.GONE!

Riven Easter Eggs Revealed   One of Kefrith's favorite Myst websites, dedicated to virtually everything that is less-than-obvious in Riven.

Riven Illuminated   Full of interesting information about Riven, including Easter Eggs, mistakes, and things you may not have noticed while playing. GONE!

The Starry Expanse   A blog documenting efforts to "rebuild Riven" for the Uru platform!

SV Myst Researches   This site focuses on D'ni Timekeeping and Bahroglyphs.
Tin and a little Possum   An extensive collection of Myst-themed forum signatures.

Uru Images   A collection of images from Uru, including some not appearing in the game!

Other Sites Contaning Kefrith's Myst-Related Creations

FanFiction.net   The only place to see the rough drafts of Kefrith's Myst FanFiction story, "Myst: The Book Of Jilla"

DeviantArt   Kefrith is a member of the fan-run Myst Fanclub on this site. His FanArt made for the Fanclub's contests can ONLY be found on this site!

Resources Used in Creating This Site's Content

Add This   A free tool to make it easy to share links to your website!

Eclipse Crossword   Free, downloadable software for designing professional quality crossword puzzles for use in print or online!

Flag Counter   A great, free way to track international visitor statistics on any website!

Gaia Online   Generally aimed at younger audiences, but features a fun avatar-building system.

Meebo   A nice third-party Instant Messaging site which is compatible with mainstream IMing accounts. Also includes many user-created chatrooms (just be careful who you trust...)http://home.earthlink.net/~seizuretown/myst/index.htmlGONE!

Mini-Mizer Version 3.0   The latest & greatest version of Chris Doyle's LEGO Minifigure-Making Utility

A page of the Myst Online: URU Live Forums   This topic on the official URU Live forums led me to the graphic by Moiety Jean which I made this site's logo (Click here for the graphic in its original location) GONE!

Password protect a page - Totally PHP & Where on KMF is this used, you may ask? You'll find out soon enought...

PayPal   The best place for online monetary transactions!

WordPress   A free, user-friendly way to add a blog to your existing website!

YouTube   I think everyone knows what this one is...

Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker   This site provides a quick and easy way to create authentic-looking Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, as well as a forum to share your creations!

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