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Which Myst Character Are You?

Choose the answer to each question which fits you best, then click "Submit" to find out which descendant of D'ni is most similar to you!

Question #1
You see an elderly woman struggling to climb the stairs to the Guild Hall. What do you do?

Question #2
Someone has been stealing books! How do you react?

Question #3
A descriptive book is on fire! What will you do about it?

Question #4
A loved one is sick and dying! What do you do?

Question #5
You need to entertain yourself. How do you do it?

Question #6
Where would you most like to be?

Question #7
Who can you best associate with?

Question #8
If you could buy any one thing without paying, what would you pick?

Question #9
Which of these software titles are you most likely to use?

Question #10
Which of these words describes you best?


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