8/3/09 – Mysterium 2009 Links!


If you are like me, you lost your linking book to Mysterium 2009 (Couldn’t go) so you watched it via crystal imager (webcam). However, the broadcast quality was poor at times, and so some things were inevitably missed. Luckily for us, several community members who WERE lucky enough to be there took a lot of excellent photos! Here are the links I have:

To give you a better idea of what’s what in the photos, this was the schedule for the weekend:


Note: This list of photo and video links will be continually updated as more become available.

Lastly, here are links to the chatroom and video broadcast sites that were used:

Enjoy the links! I will also be adding a few new links to the Links & Affiliates page soon!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

9 Responses to “8/3/09 – Mysterium 2009 Links!”

  1. Kumah says:

    First rule of Cyanchat… do not talk about cyanchat.
    Second rule of Cyanchat… Tweek is god.

  2. Derbs says:

    Hey Kefrith!

    LostThyme is looking for any links to recordings taken of Mysterium events. Can you look at the forums for any links to such things & send her a note?



  3. admin says:


    Good idea, I will look for some. I know several people recorded the panel at Cyan Worlds HQ.


  4. admin says:

    Added more photo links and one video. Still searching for more.

  5. admin says:

    Updated: Added 3 more photo links and one more video link

  6. admin says:

    Just added 2 more photo links and 2 more video links!

  7. Taniith says:

    Wow, you’re quick on the updates.. the pitch video hasn’t even been up half a day ;p. Nice list though!

  8. admin says:

    Thanks, I do my best! Do you know of anything I’ve forgotten?

  9. admin says:

    Just added an extremely late link to Rium+’s gallery!

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