4/16/09 – THREE Updates!!!

Yes, you read correctly: I have THREE updates for you today! Read on to learn more:

  1. The Fanart and Yu-Gi-Oh! Card galleries are have been rebuilt with a bunch of help from Matt. They are now easier to use and include titles!
  2. I’ve added a TON of new images to the Fanart section, including two slightly-late Easter images! Check them out and enjoy!
  3. Last, and in relation to update #2, I have added a new resource link to the LInks and Affiliates page: The Lego minifig-maker used to create the Myst minifigs that are now included in the Fanart gallery! Even if you have nothing specific in mind, the “Mini-Mizer” is a great way to excersise your creativity or just kill some time.

Well, that’s it for now, but hopefully it ought to keep you busy until the next update! Shorah!

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