5/26/11 – Music and News!

Shorah, everyone!

I have several updates to announce on this fine evening, beginning with the largest: The long-promised “Original Music Inspired by Myst” section of KMF is FINALLY LIVE! Check it out here!

Now that that’s out in the open, I want to assure you once more that I’m still working on the Password Quest! It is getting bigger and better every day, so be prepared for some challenging fun when the first part is revealed. Don’t want to wait? Tell me why you should get early access and I just might give in!

Finally, on a related note, Password # 7 is now accessible! Also, the password on the forums has been successfully relocated! The are both pretty easy ones to find, so start searching!

Stay tuned!

.yehreht d’kehnwiniseht gorvehn

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